Writer’s memo:Roof

I wrote about a personal experience because it was easiest to write about. I’m not sure it flows very well or grabs the attention of the readers and i want to improve that. I thought i got my ideas down on paper easily when writing but i’m not so sure about how it flows. I think it sounds a bit too choppy. I need help from readers to tell me if it was easy to read and follow.




Reading Check 1

  1. The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane
  2. Has very descriptive adjectives and sentences. He has a classy style of writing in my opinion
  3. I like how it makes me feel accomplished  when reading it. I don’t like how it can be boring and sometimes too descriptive sometimes.
  4. It makes me think about how much i don’t want to be a writer for a living and how i am lucky to be alive not during the civil war.
  5. Joining the army was not what Henry thought it would be
  6. Yes, slavery and the battle against/for it
  7. The time period it was written in has an “old timey” feeling to it
  8. Someone back then might take the book a lot more seriously.

Return to the Wild Response

I don’t know what I would categorize Christopher, I barely know him and his values. His family would know how to categorize him the best out of anyone, but if I had to I would say he was brave. I admire his choice to leave society because humans have been spinning their wheels in the mud for centuries, and the fact that he chose to isolate himself from a society as idiotic and unproductive as ours is pretty cool. Christopher is pretty neat and i admire him for doing what he did.

Reading Responses:The Devil In Tom Walker”

1.He is covered in dirt and soot. yes he seems frightening. Anyone with an axe and red eyes in a forest is creepy. gives him the treasure in return for souls

2.She was miserly and conspired to cheat on Tom. a hen could not cackle but she was on the alert to secure the new-laid egg. Her liver and heart were left because she went to hell. the heart and liver cleanse the body.

3. He had a wife as miserly as himself: they were so miserly that they even conspired to cheat each other.

4. on the opposite side the land rises abruptly from the water’s edge into a high ridge, on which grow a few scattered oaks of great age and immense size. Under one of these gigantic trees, according to old stories, there was a great amount of treasure buried by Kidd the pirate. A graveyard

5.“Deacon Peabody be d—d,” said the stranger, “as I flatter myself he will be, if he does not look more to his own sins and less to those of his neighbors. Look yonder, and see how Deacon Peabody is faring.” . He was wealthy and selfish

6.slave trade. so he becomes a banker and steals money from people

7.don’t be greedy like Tom’s wife


Doors of Writing

  1. I feel that high school does not set students up for success in the real world and it’s pretty obvious. I know tons of useless things but nothing about some important things like taxes. I feel this is true and super annoying.
  2. I don’t think lots of things are beautiful in the world but I appreciate old buildings and nature. i’m amazed by how many neighborhoods are being built around here.
  3. I’m concerned about the environment and pollution. We only have one earth but we are still using it like it’s expendable. I feel that by now we should use another primary energy source besides oil that is sustainable.
  4. What is the point of learning about useless and borderline redundant information in school when 95% of it is not relative in life.
  5. My most vivid memory was when my family moved back to Georgia
  6. School is boring as hell and the lunches here are actual garbage and everything is whole grain.

“The Case Against Grades reflection

Grading writing or any other assignment makes learning secondary to the grade. When writing for a grade the fun is taken out it just for the grade. Writing  is suddenly not about writing anymore, it’s just the grade. I think grades are pretty stupid. Nobody cares about learning more than grades anymore. It’s all about good grades in school and it’s time consuming and pointless.